Batman v Superman: Good and Bad

The Batman v Superman trailer has proved somewhat divisive amongst the millions of people who want to see the film – not least because it shows A LOT. Trust us, if you don’t want to see some key parts of the movie, then best to avoid the following:

Now if you’ve made it this far, you’ll know a lot of what we mean. It doesn’t pull it’s punches in revealing quite a bit about the relationship between Batman and Superman, Lex Luthor’s personality, the appearance of the third member of DC’s Trinity and who the inevitable final battle will be against. With spoilers to follow, here’s a bit of a breakdown, in our opinion, of what’s good, and what’s not so good, about Zack Snyder’s Next Big Thing.

The Good


Much criticised upon his initial casting, but Ben Affleck looks to have nailed Bruce Wayne and his other self. Carrying the right amount of self assuredness and resolve to be the socialite billionaire and the masked crimefighter, Affleck had accomplished the look of Batman, and now looks to have got his mannerisms, and importantly his drive, spot on.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Clark Kent v Bruce Wayne

The opening minute or so of the trailer demonstrates the philosophical differences between the alter egos of the title. While Batman and Superman are the ones doing the fighting, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are the ones that have a problem with ideologies: Clark objects to a brutal vigilante circumventing the law, while Bruce hates the idea of a figure being so powerful he’s above that law. The trailer captures the two opposing views perfectly.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.


Glimpsed during what many suspect is a dream sequence that also incorporates the scene where Batman is unmasked, Parademons hint at a much bigger DC Universe. They’re the army of Darkseid, a god from another world, intent on the destruction of Earth and any other planet in his way. If indeed they are a precursor to Darkseid’s appearance, he may provide the threat that will finally bring a big screen Justice League together.

The Fight

If nothing else, Zack Snyder can’t be accused of not putting every penny up on screen. The special effects look fantastic, and the fight scenes between the two leads appear worthy of the showdown. The imagery of Superman’s shimmering cape, and Batman’s armour from the comic is reflected well, and the two coming together is ripped straight from the page.

The Bad

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Lex Luthor

After years of Lex Luthor being a mature, smooth manipulator, rivalling Bruce Wayne for intelligence, wealth and media exposure, Jesse Eisenberg has transformed him into a bizarre mogul for the Facebook generation. Maybe this is Snyder’s way of making Lex unlikeable – if so, he’s done a really good job, but the ridiculous hair, simpering manner and irritating voice are a world away from any other incarnation. One can only wonder what the early favourite for the role, Bryan Cranston, would have managed.

Wonder Woman

However many times we see Gal Gadot, she’s just not Wonder Woman. She lacks the physically imposing nature that the character needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with Batman and Superman. She lacks both the physical presence, and her doe eyed look when deflecting Doomsday’s eye blast left a lot to be desired. Her lack of acting ability also needs to be questioned.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Image via DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.


In comic book storylines, Doomsday was an ancient Kryptonian creature bred over centuries to be invulnerable to pain, and driven purely by hate after being murdered and cloned continually until he was immortal. In the trailer, it’s more than likely he is created by Lex from the DNA of the deceased General Zod, whose corpse has obviously found it’s way into LexCorp’s hands. Aside from him being a man made creation here, Doomsday looks radically different to his comic incarnation, lacking the bony protrusions that are his main physical feature, and sadly, looking like he has the same pre-rendered CGI model of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles.

Telegraphing the plot

Thanks to the extensive trailer, it’s fairly obvious to work out the whole plot of the movie. Superman dislikes Batman for being a vigilante, Batman dislikes Superman for being responsible for the wanton destruction caused at the end of Man of Steel. Lex Luthor manipulates them into fighting one another, and when neither will kill the other, creates Doomsday from Zod’s DNA, leading to a final fight where Wonder Woman becomes involved. Colour us massively suprised if that’s not what happens. Sometimes, less is more.


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